EggMap was designed in 2015 by Budapest-based designer, Dénes Sátor. The new creation introduced a twist on the traditional map combined with a special stress ball that gained instant popularity among explorers and map enthusiasts around the world.  

If you get easily consumed by wanderlust and get a kick out out travelling, EggMap is your perfect companion. Globetrotters, city lovers, map enthusiasts, digital detox heroes or zealous collectors: squeeze away!

The EggMap combines the powers of a custom-designed map and a squishy stress ball so you can unwind while exploring the urban jungle. Squeeze the EggMap in order to zoom in on sights, public transport routes and entertainment options, and follow your path.

The maps are custom-designed with special colour schemes which show places of interest and transportation routes as shown below. They cover 20 square kilometres of any city (or even theme parks, festivals and so on), focussing on the main attractions - most loved and visited by explorers.

EggMap is made of an eco-friendly, extra ductile latex construct, coloured with a brand new printing system to ensure the zoomability of the covering map. The inside of the product is thermoplastic rubber that helps the flexibility of the map.

Next Steps

Since the designs were created in 2015, the prototyping stage took over a year with redesigns, printing system remanufacturing and endless tests. The concept won the top prize as 'The Most Creative Project' at the prestigious Highlights of Hungary Awards.

Mass production and global retail distribution is expected in the Spring of 2017. We are doing our best to make EggMaps available as soon as possible, so please bear with us for a little more. :)