As well as their shared DNA, the Budapest-based brothers share a passion for travelling, design and innovation.




Industrial designer and constant innovator with a penchant for discovering new places.
Left-handed. Always searching for different and exciting perspectives.



Avid explorer with years of experience in online media and project management, ex-Googler, travel writing enthusiast. Want an EggMap for your city? Talk to him at



The two brothers co-founded their company in 2015 to develop EggMap from an exciting concept to an innovative product. Dénes took a break from his studies to do so, and Tomas left his corporate career to join his brother on this quest.

Their vision is to make travelling less stressful and even more fun for the adventurous city explorers who are not afraid of a bit of digital detox. EggMap is their flagship product but they have several other awesome travel gadgets up their sleeves coming soon.